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The team of lawyers and assistants in Blumsack & Canzano, P.C. has established an efficient and professional system to provide first-class legal services to customers. Each case shall be jointly handled by at least two Chinese and American professional lawyers to ensure high-quality work. The assistant team is also committed to providing professional and smooth communication, and we will provide specialized translation services for customers who are in need. Ensure the communication between lawyers and clients is unimpeded.

Contact us

If you are a new customer or business customer when you need help, please contact us, we can help you at any time. Please enter your contact information and consultation questions in the form, and we will call you back within one business day. If you have an emergency,  please call (857)-990-9060.

For customers who have signed a contract, please contact the signing office.

Consultation Hotline:


Pratice Area

Please do not send confidential or sensitive information through this form.

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