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Legal Affairs


Corporate legal affairs refer to helping enterprises deal with and avoid the legal problems they face during operation. The scope covered includes but is not limited to department contracts, personnel administration, dispute mediation, litigation cases, intellectual property rights, etc. relatively speaking, the handling of corporate legal affairs involves laws in many fields, which is also common.

Professional legal advisers can make use of their experience, knowledge, and practical skills to provide the company with the best strategy according to the specific needs of the enterprise. If you need professional legal advisers, please contact us at any time! We will provide you with all-around legal support.

Blumsack & Canzano, P.C. provides consultations for corporate and entrepreneur clients and resolves various legal issues in business development. We represent a wide range of clients, from private companies to public companies, from start-ups to established companies. Due to our extensive client base, we have extensive experience in consulting companies in complex cross-border and multinational transactions and assisting small or emerging companies in general business affairs.

We represent all companies that have compliance, regulatory, or litigation needs in the asset recovery space. Our clients include small, medium, and large financial institutions, collection agencies, debt purchasers, law firms, and vendors to the industry. We pursue sensible solutions to issues focusing on practical responses to the business issues faced by our wide range of clients. We also have extensive experience advising private equity firms evaluating potential investments in the asset recovery space.
We work with our clients to find sensible solutions to their legal and compliance challenges. We believe that prevention of problems is the most efficient way to manage legal challenges; however, when called on to litigate we focus on providing an ethical, efficient, and aggressive defense.
At the heart of each client relationship is an ethical commitment to telling clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Our goal is to provide legal advice in a manner that meets business needs and leads to longstanding relationships. Our desire is to build long-lasting relationships with clients due to our approach.​

Many companies choose Blumsack & Canzano, P.C. not only because they believe in the professional capabilities of our lawyers but also because of the abundant resources that the law firm has. As an excellent law firm with more than 50 years of historical experience, the professional legal team of Blumsack & Canzano, P.C. is willing to build success, share resources, and make progress together with every hard-working client. We are prepared to integrate comprehensive resources for corporate clients, formulate the most suitable business plan or legal strategy, and strive for the greatest success in business for clients.

Our key services include:

  • Business Entity Formation: starting a business, limited liability company (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLPs), sole proprietorship, joint venture, partnership, and corporation;

  • Business Organization: structuring your business, corporate governance, drafting and reviewing bylaws and other charter documents, corporate financing;

  • Negotiations with State Agencies: Massachusetts Department of Revenue, construction boards, licensing boards, Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission;

  • Business Transactions: purchase and sale agreements, selling a business, mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, business dissolutions, and other business transactions;

  • Business Litigation: business disputes, contract disputes, breach of fiduciary duties, stockholder/shareholder disputes, member or partnership disputes;

  • Business Contracts: non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements;

  • Real Estate Law: developments, financing, leasing, zoning and land use, real estate transactions, commercial and residential real estate, landlord/tenant law;

  • Employment Law: wrongful termination, discrimination, drafting employee manuals, non-compete agreements, employment contracts;

  • Intellectual Property, Trademark, and Patent Law: trademark, copyright, and patent litigation, registration, searches, infringement;

  • Defending clients in litigation or arbitration proceedings;

  • Protecting the interests of clients in investigations and regulatory proceedings brought by municipal, state, and federal regulatory agencies;

  • Review and establish policies and procedures to ensure a compliant and efficient environment in the client’s operations;

  • Provide assistance in the structuring and conducting due diligence;

  • Train client employees on compliance and legal requirements while maintaining highly effective operations; and

  • Appeals at all levels in both state and federal appellate courts at all levels.

The lawyers of Blumsack & Canzano, P.C. are available to provide legal advice to businesses in any stage of their existence, from formation to dissolution. No matter what the precise issue, we are committed to the success of our clients. That commitment is demonstrated by our dedication to finding out the needs of each business we work with and helping them develop a unique legal strategy designed to meet their needs. We are here to show you the most effective and efficient path to success in any business situation.

Business conflicts within closely-held or family-owned businesses usually require legal counsel to analyze the operating agreements, partnership agreements, or corporate bylaws that were created when the business was first formed. These guiding documents must be interpreted to determine the rights and responsibilities of stockholders and shareholders.
Shareholder and stockholder disputes need not rise to the level of costly litigation. Resolving these disputes via negotiation and compromise is often less costly and has the added benefit of helping maintain important personal relationships in a closely held business, a family commercial operation, or a business partnership.
Our goal in every business dispute is to protect our client’s financial interests and long-term ownership interests in the company. For example, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit immediately to protect a minority shareholder’s rights and preserve the financial resources and business contracts of the company. In other cases, the best course of action may initially involve negotiations and alternative dispute resolution. If these approaches fail to resolve the dispute, we have the experience and knowledge to forcefully defend a client’s business rights via litigation.

We have decades of experience helping both public companies and private companies achieve their goals, and we are ready to put that experience to work for you. The legal and business advice we provide is based solely on your needs. We do not believe in providing the same cookie-cutter advice to every client. Our attorneys know that every business has different needs. We are dedicated to understanding and meeting yours.

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